Thursday, June 26, 2014

Target CIO resigns... 80 days after breach is exposed

So it took around 80 days for the axe to fall at Target. 

The person blamed is the CIO, in a letter by the CEO.

I'm hearing a lot of chatter that Target treats their IT department as a cost center, so its interesting how/if this huge security breach, and its repercussions (specially legal), will change DM's view on IT and specially software security.

 Dry article

and some dark (longer security) reading:

Reaquired the domain name

I unfortunately never registered the .net version of the domain name webolize, and a few years ago it ( was acquired by a young design company named Webolized in Philadelphia, PA.

As luck would have it, I just registered the name ( after finding it has been released.

Viber (and Skype) just doesn't seem to get it

I accidentally clicked the "Viber" app button on my phone, and the app started then came up with a page that said "Sticker Marketplace"

Come on Viber? Do you seriously NOT get why "WhatsApp" sold for 19B? 

Even though Viber has better technology! Even though the viber calls are better than regular calls...

The reason is of course, that viber calls and texts are so frustrating to use, uh hum, to try to use.  Yes, when the calls do work, they are magical and probably sound better than being in the same room.  But why do the texts take 4 or 6 minutes to reach and calls just don't work.  

WhatsApp, simply works.  I don't even know when I switched to WhatsApp from Viber. Also, I was not aware how much I used WhatsApp (basically all day, at least once every couple of hours).

Viber, focus on the following in the order:
- text messages that work instantly... Just like Viber
- feature where u choose a person u want to talk to, and viber calls that person and connects you WHEN the network is good enough on both sides
- address book management, simplify it... A button that says "import and sync from address book" would be nice (auto syncing is not working well on my phone)
- perhaps during a call, a button to send photo shot, which only sends a photo

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Top time saving tips for you consulting, law or freelance business

  • Track everything you do (or don't do) using Webolize TimeTracker. Tracking what you do will immediately change what you do in the future. It will show you hard data of not what you think you (or employees) did, but what you (or employees) actually did.

  • Make a "To-Do" List using Webolize IssueTracker. Perhaps the most basic of all "time management" systems ever invented, this time-tested maneuver puts it all on the line, in one place, and helps you focus on one item at a time.

  • Delegate. Many business owners accustomed to "doing it all" find this exceedingly difficult. But even if you are a solo operator, you can pass off tasks to others (via outsourcing, for example) to free up time for yourself.

  • Analyze how time is spent. Divide the day into small time blocks and record what you (or others) were doing in each block. Compare this to your goals and priorities. Do they align?

  • Put a lid on procrastination. Business owners with a "can-do" attitude say that putting things off simply doesn't work. Even a simple "no" response to something on your to-do list can extinguish that item and let you move on.

  • Set clear goals for yourself and your employees. It's not so much the clock that's important, but the compass that gets you where you want to go.

Kehrer, Dan ( Editor), "When Time is Money: Keeping Track & Keeping Up",,

Friday, February 15, 2008

Suggestions on how to use Webolize Time Tracker to manage your time and your employees time

TRACK FULL (8 hour) day
First suggestion is to make it a policy to track your full day (8 hours) in Webolize Time Tracker. For the time you don't do anything billable, make up a task code (perhaps Non-Billable) or a project (perhaps Miscellaneous, Administrative, or Computer Repair/Upgrade). That way you will know where your time is going and it will help you focus your time on billable projects.

Assign each time entry you record an appropriate task code. This will save you time, so you won't have to add notes to every entry (ex. if you have a task code named Design in Flash, you probably won't need a note).

You can do reporting based on task codes (within a project only, or throught out the system), which will show you what types of tasks brings in the highest revenue.

What is Webolize Time Tracker?

Time Tracker is a simple web application to keep track of the time people spend on any task within a project.

Think of it as a to-do-list with a clock and every thing done is put inside a project. The time entries can have a task type assigned to them, on which you can variate your billing rates.

Webolize Time Tracker is an application that you run. First you download it and then install it on your Windows (XP, Vista or Server 2003) machine. We believe the downloadable application secure. You can also install Webolize Time Tracker on your web host to make it available from anywhere.

Any modern web browser can access it, including Max OSX users of Safari and Firefox.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Webolize IssueTracker improves issue tracking

  • Deduce "changes" and record in db as a "CHANGE"

  • Create ability to choose the default version new issues are assigned to when created

  • make project nav visible from CreateNewIssue

  • Make ProjectNav visible from ViewIssue and EditIssue

  • in ProjectNav have a "next" button - which goes to current version being worked on