Thursday, June 26, 2014

Viber (and Skype) just doesn't seem to get it

I accidentally clicked the "Viber" app button on my phone, and the app started then came up with a page that said "Sticker Marketplace"

Come on Viber? Do you seriously NOT get why "WhatsApp" sold for 19B? 

Even though Viber has better technology! Even though the viber calls are better than regular calls...

The reason is of course, that viber calls and texts are so frustrating to use, uh hum, to try to use.  Yes, when the calls do work, they are magical and probably sound better than being in the same room.  But why do the texts take 4 or 6 minutes to reach and calls just don't work.  

WhatsApp, simply works.  I don't even know when I switched to WhatsApp from Viber. Also, I was not aware how much I used WhatsApp (basically all day, at least once every couple of hours).

Viber, focus on the following in the order:
- text messages that work instantly... Just like Viber
- feature where u choose a person u want to talk to, and viber calls that person and connects you WHEN the network is good enough on both sides
- address book management, simplify it... A button that says "import and sync from address book" would be nice (auto syncing is not working well on my phone)
- perhaps during a call, a button to send photo shot, which only sends a photo

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